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Transportation is a vital part of the smooth running of many cities throughout the city.
The automotive industry is evolving fast. As industry trends like autonomous driving, on-board connectivity, and hybrid/electric vehicles continue to drive innovation, agility-minded automotive companies are turning to Prototypes to accelerate new product development and get to market faster. With quick-turn digital manufacturing and automated manufacturability feedback, designers and engineers can mitigate design and cost risks while developing a more responsive supply chain to better react to driver and passenger demand for more customized vehicles.

AOS provides CNC machining services on demand, delivering high-precision automotive parts in any quantity. Our capabilities include advanced 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machining, a wide selection of materials, and fast turnaround times, making us a versatile supplier. As a one-stop shop for CNC milling, turning, and drilling services, AOS can manufacture prototypes or custom parts to meet your specific needs.

Some of Automotive Components/Parts We Can Manufacture
AOS’s engineering team is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to the research and development, production process, and product performance of auto parts. With our mastery of rapid prototyping technology and equipment, we can swiftly manufacture products with unparalleled precision, exceptional surface quality, and high fineness to meet the specific demands of our clients.

•High-Pressure Seals
•Mounting Plates
•Shaft and Shaft Cover
•Standard Fasteners
•Gearbox Components
•Auto Wheel Hub
•Transmission Parts
•Housing / Enclosure

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