Aerospace Components Manufacturing

When it comes to aerospace equipment manufacturing, the production of any part used in the aerospace industry calls for the highest-quality product and strictest adherence to standards. At Kaito Mould Works, Inc., we’ve been producing complex and custom equipment for over thirty years. We know from decades of experience what type of exacting standards must be met to successfully produce machine parts for aircraft and spacecraft.
In addition, we understand the tight turnaround times and budget pressures aerospace organizations deal with. That’s why numerous organizations trust us to not just get it right, but to get it right on time and within budget.
Leading manufacturers of aerospace components trust us to preserve the integrity of their designs and quite literally get their projects off of the ground on a schedule they can count on. We understand that the components we produce are on the critical path for prototype evaluation and pre-production testing for various applications in the aerospace industry, including interior aircraft components, drone components, wiring organization components, and many others.
We communicate very closely with our clients and their procurement teams throughout the production process for their design, involving an in-house subject matter expert at every stage to produce components to exact design specifications on time and budget.
We uphold the highest standards of “in-process communication” and “on-time delivery” to ensure that our customers receive their orders on schedule. Our goal is to provide customized, cost-effective, and high-quality aerospace machining services to meet the unique needs of our clients, no matter where they are in the world.

Our Competitive Edge in Aerospace Machining

• Our state-of-the-art CNC machining technology enables us to cater to the exacting demands of the diverse clientele in the aerospace sector, delivering ultra-precise components with tight tolerances (±0.01mm).
• We have extensive experience in machining a wide range of materials, including metals, alloys, and plastics, such as the commonly used aluminium and titanium.
• Our team of skilled technicians and seasoned engineers meticulously supervise each stage of the aerospace machining process to ensure top-notch results.
• From design ideation to manufacturing and post-production services, including heat-treating, plating, painting, testing, precision cleaning, and finishing, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your aerospace machining needs.
• Our stringent privacy policies and meticulous management of export-controlled projects ensure the utmost security and confidentiality.

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