Low-Volume Production
When production volume does not justify the expensive tooling and have to put products into market as soon as possible, Low Volume Production by rapid custom manufacturing is an ideal solution. At AOS, we finished various low volume production projects quickly & economically without the compromise of quality.Low volume doesn’t mean low tech. Many jobs of 500+ pieces are candidates for our automated machining processes which can lower overall cost even if you don’t require a huge volume of parts. From estimating thru final inspection we are in constant communication with you and your team to make sure every expectation isn’t just met but exceeded. We specialize in manufacturing complex parts in low volume production quantities – The difficult we do right away, the impossible will take a little longer.
Taking advantages of cheap labor in China, 24/7 running of our production facilities, adequate manufacturing experience, working hard and smart of our team knowing how to help customers in right direction, worldwide customers could benefit from our economical, quick and quality low volume production services.

Advantages Of Low Volume Manufacturing

•More flexible design iterations
Creating low volume manufacturing allows for more efficient verification of design, engineering and manufacturability.

•Short turnaround times and low costs
Tooling is cost-effective for low volume manufacturers to handle orders quickly and flexibly, with no minimum order quantities.

•Closing the gap to production
Low volume trial runs bridge the gap between prototype and production, timely identifying and resolving any issues before moving to mass production.

•Reduced time to market faster
Low volume manufacturing services optimize the link between production to supply chain and consumer, providing rapid time-to-market for new products.

Display of Rapid Prototyping Parts
We have produce prototypes for various industries including medical, electricity, automotive, aerospace, construction, and others.

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