The healthcare sector requires reliable, safe, and top-notch components, devices, and goods to promote wellness and happiness for everyone. AOS collaborates with medical equipment makers to provide them with exceptional precision components and prototypes. Our manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication. Our services provide an excellent solution for producing small to medium quantities of medical-grade materials.Accelerating medical device innovation, Get to market faster and streamline your supply chain with rapid prototyping.

CNC Machining For Medical Devices
AOS proven techniques ensure that every project we undertake is of the highest quality, performance, and reliability. Our technicians have extensive experience in a wide range of specifications related to therapeutic equipment, surgical implants, prosthetic devices, diagnostic instruments, and other tools.
Our advanced equipment includes CNC machines (3-axis/4-axis/5-axis and more), CNC lathes, screw machines, EDM machines, CMMs, and more, making us capable of handling any medical machining project. We have expertise in working with materials recognized by the medical industry, which can be sourced from our network of subcontractors or your approved vendor who can provide actual mill certifications.
Machining requirements for the medical sector demand precision and careful attention throughout the manufacturing process. Whether it is a housing or complex internal components for equipment ranging from MRI machines to cardiac pacemakers, AOS focuses on delivering the highest level of machining for every medical equipment component.

3/4/5-axis CNC Machining
When it comes to creating complex geometries for medical equipment, it's important to use the right machining techniques. That's why we recommend 5-axis CNC machines for this task. AOS guarantee true 5-axis simultaneous machining for all your needs.

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