Rapid Prototyping
The product development process is a complex business. But with the help of prototypes, you can definitely get better results. We will help you in building the best prototype of your plan.
Because innovation and product life cycles are getting shorter, the product development process needs to be more efficient, and product launching has to go faster. With fast iteration times, rapid prototyping enables faster product development cycles. Both engineers and designers can evaluate their own designs very well.

What Is Rapid Prototyping?
Rapid prototyping means making a physical sample of a new product design idea. This is done as a preliminary step towards eventual production and is most useful when verifying that the finished product will look, feel, and perform as intended. New product developers turn to rapid prototyping for several reasons. They’re used for functional testing, approvals, design iterations, crowdfunding campaigns, trade show models, and as a bridge to low-volume manufacturing.
Prototypes often inspire re-designs, improvements, and other modifications that may not have been obvious merely from a computer graphic. In this regard, they’re beneficial for optimizing a design before committing resources to larger volumes. Correcting design errors early in the development phase can more than compensate for the cost of the prototype itself, so they’re wise investments.

Our Capabilities For Rapid Prototyping Machining
CNC milling and turning are great rapid prototyping options for parts requiring the prototype to be evaluated in its final material if cut from a fully dense stock. AOS can machine a wide variety of metals and plastics. Many CNC-machined parts can be manufactured and shipped within a week. CNC expedited options are available when quoting, and AOS cost-effective, market-based prices enable engineers to order multiple prototypes simultaneously to enable rapid product evaluation.

Display of Rapid Prototyping Parts
We have produced prototypes for various industries including medical, electricity, automotive, aerospace, construction, and others.


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