1. What kind of craft you can service?
CNC Machining,Turning parts, milling parts,,CNC Lathe Machining,Sheet Metal Fabrication.
2. What is the tolerance you can make?
The best can be 0.005mm.
3. How big the part can be made?
Depends on the drawing.Pls share drawings to check more details.
4. Can you sign the non disclosure agreement(NDA)?
Yes, we are highly respect on original designs, will agree client with the requirement. All of opening cases on website are with customer's permission. There are still lots of professional cases on secrecy that didn't show.
5. Can you help with surface treatment and assemble?
Yes, we have one stop solutions/suppliers on surface, own workers for assemble with responsibility.
6. What is the MOQ?
Sample/protopyte is available. Any quantity acceptable. Feel free to let us know your purchasing amount.
7. What kind of file format we should provide?
2D or 3D is enough to quote. Pls send anyone of below with your advantageous. CAD:dwg, dxf, pdf. 3D: step, igs, prt.
8. What is the cost?
Cost assess againest the material+machining process technology. Pls send drawing and details for best quotation.
9. How long to get the quote possible?
The fastest 20 min quote on line, or no more than 12 hours.
10. How long for sample/prototype?
The fastest on the day finish, or no more than 7 days after order confirming.
11. How long for fabrication?
The fastest a couple of days depends on quantity and machining , it can be negotiating for urgently order.
12. What kind of the detecting instrument do you have?
There are micrometer, dialgauge, roundness tester, roughmeter, hardness tester, projector, straightness tester, three-dimensional measuring instrument, and vernier calipers.
13. How many fabrication machines do you have?
CNC Turning machines:5 sets CNC 3-4-5-axis machines: 38 sets(Max travel:3 meters ×2 meters,Min travel:500mm×400mm) Bending Machines:2 sets Laser cutting machines:2 sets
14. How is the package you can provide?
Carton box,or wooden box.
15. What is the method for delivery?
We have own forwarder by sea/air/express shipping. Clients provide own account like DHL, Fedex, UPS, and forwarder is welcome!

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